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    “The Lotus Life”

    “The lotus flower blooms most beautiful from the deepest mud.”

    – Buddhist Proverb

    When I first decided to start my own practice, I flirted with many different names. I knew I wanted my clients to feel empowered, capable and inspired, but how can I accomplish all of that with just a few words?? As I jotted down (and crossed out) names, I caught a glimpse of my lotus tattoo. A light bulb went off. “Lotus Life,” I said out loud with conviction. I wrote “Lotus Life Counseling” on the dry erase board in my kitchen and left it there for two weeks, stopping to stare at it a bit every time I walked by to make sure I loved it. The rest, as they say, is history.

    My goal as a clinician is to help my clients take on the life of a lotus, or live “The Lotus Life.” When faced with struggles of my own, I have been inspired by the nature of the lotus flower. They are so adaptable that they survived the Ice Age when most other plant life died, making them living fossils. They can survive under frozen ice for an entire winter as long as their roots are in the mud. As delicate as the flowers are, they are also resistant to the scorching, hot sun. Not only are they resistant to water pollution, but they actually have water purifying qualities. This is why lotus flowers are revered highly and act as symbols in many cultures.

    In Buddhism and Hinduism, the lotus symbolizes a person rising from darkness into the light through spiritual enlightenment and self-knowledge. This is how I view the process of therapy. With the knowledge that you gain and the insights that you attain, you, too, will rise from your darkness. No matter how muddy or murky the waters you’re in are, you can rise above and blossom beautifully, just like the lotus does. In hard times, I remind myself that without mud, there can be no lotus. If not for our struggles, we would never have the opportunity to grow and see just how powerful, graceful and beautiful we really are.